We took a 2014 project name to bring it back to life / live and rebuilding its protocol on a new POW/POS based blockchain for and by The Crowd in 3 stages

with a possibility to become key A3C-holder! Check out our Twitter account frequently for updates!

Get ready for Customer centric: “A3 coin” (coin-code: ^A3C)

^A3C is at stage1 not an altcoin, ^A3C is a built blockchain by a few “computer nerds”  ;-}

We are a customer centric service, and created an token that represents dollars, euros and other real centralized money. Our specialty at ^A3C is currencies on the blockchain, so ^A3C is a digital tie to a real-world asset and the digital assets that we’re focused on is currencies. Before the main stage we are issuing the possibility to POW / mine A3C and after block 50,000 it will  be a POS coin.

So initially POW and POS will set the stage and when majorly adopted:

^0,50 A3C  =|=  $0,50 USD  =|=   0,4643 EUR  =|=  ¤3,4543 CNY  =|=  ¥56,6636 JPY    *

 * Above showed amounts are not Live: Price varies

^A3C has a base via a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of new units, which can in fact though be traced for legislation if needed.

To begin we will utilize a “mastercoin protocol”: Which is a customized exchange layer built on top of, for instance bitcoin, that allows for asset exchange.

Therefore A3coin is an innovative decentralized crypto asset, ready for the future; “internet of things” (IoT)  and “internet of assets” (IoA) working via the WAVES network; (shortcode = ^A3C)




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