3 Stages!


We will release A3coin (^A3C) in 3 stages.


Stage1: The number of ^A3C tokens in circulation will at first always equate to the money in its customized wallets / exchanges account. There are no pegs or formulas that complicate the process for our partners.

POW / POS is being set up.

Our angle to potential investment partners is, it doesn’t cost much fee (0.1-9% of the traditional banking fee) and it makes the overall service much more robust, as you can now offer currency as well as “bitcoin”.

You can also offer customized crypto as well as real-world currencies. With a base of a customer centric approach, and backed up via a community set up, we trust it will be widely accepted by the crowd.

Stage2: Depending on acceptance and commitment by the crowd; the ^A3C Float will expand separately from the money in account with a back up from corporate participants and investors.

Stage3: ^A3C is a new global accepted e-currency via an own exchange on the ledger with POW until Xblock and POS gaining 30% yearly interest when kept in wallet.



We are working on it! Ready ASAP

Check back soon!

Interested to seed or to be involved?

Please contact us at team@a3coin.com